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In the past businesses suffered greatly with poor quality and unreliable Voice (VoIP) services. 

Only recently, as fibre rolls-out across the country, are companies able to enjoy stable Voice (VoIP) as it was intended to be. 

  • Crystal clear quality of sound
  • Network stability
  • Better user experience
  • Increased security

Prices have stabilised and ultimately what makes the difference these days is the new hardware and smart software, that offer flexibility, efficiency and a better user experience.

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) work behind the scenes to ensure that voice, video and data communications flow smoothly and securely between networks and the people who use them.

An SBC is part firewall, protecting the network from IP-based attacks; part traffic cop, policing traffic to prevent overloads and directing it over shorter distances to save money; and part peacemaker, ensuring that networked devices from different vendors all speak the same language.

Stem Connect offers business voice as a standalone service or a managed Voice solution bundled with our Hosted Cloud PBX.

Speak to one of our voice consultants to assess your needs. We will be able to provide a voice solution to improve your business communication network.

Ask about our trial offer and get a feel for the product before you commit.