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1. All our Services are billed in advance.

2. Please note that a Router / Firewall may be required for several services provided. The STEM Connect LTD Router / Firewall remains the property of
STEM Connect LTD.

3. This quotation is valid until the specified expiry date.

4. The Effective date of the contract is the start date of when the services are delivered, per service. STEM Connect LTD FIbre contracts will only commence on completion of the Fibre installation.

5. Errors and omissions are excluded.

6. All documentation is Confidential to STEM Connect LTD.

7. We are dependent on our suppliers and therefore: – our installation costs may differ after completion of a required feasibility study, and/or may in the event that our suppliers do not deem the site to be feasible, adjust the pricing and/or reject the order.

8. STEM Connect LTD Fibre installations cannot be moved once it is installed and the customer shall be liable for the full contract period as per the
Signed Quotation.

9. STEM Connect LTD Fibre cannot be downgraded within the current contract period from the bandwidth capacity as set out in this Signed Quotation.

10.For each respective Service Installation Completion, the customer shall pay STEM Connect LTD all recurring and non-recurring charges, fees and
taxes, as set out in the Signed Quotation.

11 In the event that the Terminating Services are terminated prior to the Effective Date as set out in this Signed Quotation, the
Customer shall be liable for an amount equal to the NRC, plus six (6) months of the MRC, as per the Signed Quotation.

12.Where there are specific Abortive Costs incurred where a client cancels a service as per a Signed Quotation, STEM Connect LTD shall be entitled to
charge the client such costs and expenses as have been actually incurred by STEM Connect LTD or obligations to which STEM Connect LTD has
become necessarily bound arising from the relevant Signed Quotation / Order, from the date of the Order concerned up to the date of receipt or
deemed receipt of such notice of cancellation, as well as actual costs of the recovery of any equipment already installed.

13. No Termination fees shall be payable in the event of the customer giving STEM Connect LTD written notice of the termination of an Order Form within seven (7) days of the Order Form signature date.