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Stem Connect true enterprise fibre


  • True 1:1 – Full bandwidth guaranteed from international traffic to client premises (FTTP / FTTC)
  • True international redundancies with 3 international fibre routes
  • True international redundancies with 8 international peering POPS
  • True international redundancies with 8 international peering partners
  • True local redundancies with 18 data centre peering points via two peering partners
  • Comprehensive local coverage with access to over 200,000 km of cable in South Africa
  • True Active Ethernet means no sharing - you get a dedicated fibre line and port
  • Uncapped and unshaped with no AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy)
  • Comprehensive SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Dedicated account manager


  • True 1:1 fibre with dedicated port
  • Bandwidth and uptime guaranteed by multiple international routes, peering points and peering partners
  • Comprehensive SLA with monthly reports
  • True unlimited

Our flagship True Enterprise Fibre is a fully managed premier service designed for large national and international companies.

Stem Connect guarantees a True 1:1 uncontended service for clients that cannot afford any down time and require a stable, reliable and guaranteed connection to conduct critical, high-bandwidth tasks.

We are able to give these guarantees on the strength of our unparalleled network of partners and proven commitment to service excellence, backed by comprehensive SLA.


Dedicated solutions for business and enterprise

Business fibre (1:3)
Ideal for SMMEs looking for fast, reliable and affordable fibre. No hardware or installation costs with a 36 month contract.
Broadband fibre (1:10)
Best for budget conscious SMMEs where a slightly higher contention ratio is not a hurdle. Uncapped and unshaped fibre at a fraction of the cost.
Cloud networks
Take advantage of private cloud networks that offer scalability, performance, efficient bandwidth utilization, reduced network congestion and a superior end-user experience.
Cloud tools
Improve team performance, efficiency, document sharing and collaboration in a secure cloud environment.
Capitalise on carrier-grade voice telecommunication at a fraction of the cost of a traditional landline. Fast fibre internet offers highly scalable voice solutions that combine data collection, monitoring, analysis and reporting across VoIP, PBX and mobile networks.