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Our mission

To deliver dynamic solutions with expertise and exceptional service.

Our vision

To be one of the leading and preferred network providers by embracing agility and a culture of innovation in a fast-changing market.

Our difference

We focus specifically on enterprise and business clients delivering dedicated business solutions and ultra reliable service.

Our value proposition

We offer a unique approach to delivering connectivity to our clients. Our top priority is to offer affordable and sensible solutions backed by a highly skilled and professional support team. Stem Connect is well known in the enterprise space for managed connectivity solutions and fail proof service level agreements.

The Stem Connect network boasts an impressive presence across South Africa along with multiple international fibre routes and multiple global peering POPS. Our fibre, POPS and data centre peering points give us a highly resilient network with multiple fail-overs and shortest path routing, with low latency. This enables our customers to run real time applications that exceed expectations. Our guarantees are backed by comprehensive service level agreements.

“We do not attach our brand to any service that we are not confident in. Offering a service that we can support is of the utmost importance. Our team of exceptionally skilled support agents treat each client with respect and each query with great professional urgency”

“We believe that our Service Level Agreements give us the upper hand in the network provider space. Corporate and enterprise clients can seldom afford downtime and we go to great lengths to keep them connected as we truly understand that loss of connectivity equates to loss of income”

Our roots

Founded in 2002, we’ve been a part of the network provider industry since broadband became available in South Africa. Since then we have been refining our offerings and building a national network to best serve the complex business continuity needs of our customers.

We take pride in our ability to offer affordable products to businesses – without cutting corners – while simultaneously delivering hassle-free services. We pair a wealth of technical expertise and creativity with a motivated team committed to ongoing development. This secures our position as a network provider with a difference.