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Managed Mobile Data

  • By using Fixed LTE services your mobile data cost will be reduced
  • Fixed LTE allows for predictable data rates and usage
  • Easy to use, powerful, single portal
  • API integration that enables full integration into your existing systems


  • Mobile connectivity as a failover
  • Branch deployments, national connectivity, fast deployments
  • Temporary connectivity
  • Mobile workforce
  • Work remotely
  • Disaster recovery

Private Networks, Static IP, Connected SIMs

Every SIM is assigned a private static IP address on the core connected network, giving you access to your M2M and IoT devices within your own private and secure network. This is proven to be the most secure methods of accessing your connected devices and points.

  • Increased network speed
  • Lower latency packet delivery
  • Quality of service enrichment
  • Full control of data threads
  • 0% IPsec VPN overhead

Built-in Security

  • Device IMEI tracking
  • Lock a Device
  • SIM Alerts when inserted into new device
  • Lock a specific SIM to a single device’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). If a locked SIM attempts to connect to your network via a new device without authorisation, the connection will not be established until the SIM is re-authorised to do so.


Dedicated solutions for business and enterprise

Enterprise fibre (1:1)
Optimal for large multi-branch, national and global enterprises. Fully managed fibre solutions to connect branches, offices and people with our True 1:1 uncontended service.
Business fibre (1:3)
Ideal for SMMEs looking for fast, reliable and affordable fibre. No hardware or installation costs with a 36 month contract.
Broadband fibre (1:10)
Best for budget conscious SMMEs where a slightly higher contention ratio is not a hurdle. Uncapped and unshaped fibre at a fraction of the cost.
Cloud networks
Take advantage of private cloud networks that offer scalability, performance, efficient bandwidth utilization, reduced network congestion and a superior end-user experience.
Cloud tools
Improve team performance, efficiency, document sharing and collaboration in a secure cloud environment.
Fast fibre internet means carrier-grade voice solutions. Pay a fraction of the cost of traditional landline telecommunication solutions. Highly scalable voice solutions that combine data collection, monitoring, analysis and reporting across your VoIP, PBX and mobile networks.