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Did you know that Stem Connect offers a failover for fibre connectivity using licensed microwave wireless Internet?

Fibre uses cables that can be damaged. This happens more often than you think and it is incredibly frustrating when it occurs, not to mention the serious disruptions to your business processes and bottom line.

We’ve got the solution. The way we circumvent fibre interruptions is by using licensed microwave wireless Internet as a failover that switches automatically to radio towers when the underground fibre connection is interrupted or broken.

The switch is so seamless you won’t even know that it’s happened.

Just because it’s an Internet connection using radio towers, does not mean that it is slow. The speed and capacity of microwave wireless Internet is just as fast as fiber optic cables. It will keep your whole organisation connected to the Internet all the time, be it a single head-office or a network of branches and offices all over the country.

How much does it cost? It will certainly be less than your productivity losses. We offer a range of tiered service level agreements, of which our Gold Plus SLA provides the greatest level of protection. This SLA is designed for organisations that cannot afford any fibre downtime.

Our lock-tight Gold Plus SLA offers the following guarantees (but not limited to):

  • Your fibre connection is proactively monitored 24/7
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee with licensed microwave failover
  • 2 hour MTTR (Mean-time-to-repair)
  • Penalties payable should uptime and MTTR guarantees not be met
  • Dedicated service desk which operates 24/7
  • No call centres. Real experts at the other end of the line
  • Monthly SLA report

Microwave wireless Internet FAQ

What is microwave wireless Internet?

Microwave wireless Internet is a line-of-sight wireless connection that uses licenced high frequency radio waves to provide high speed Internet. It offers seamless access to LAN & WAN networks, cloud networks, voice, video, and high speed data transfers.

How does microwave wireless Internet work?

Microwave wireless Internet provides high-speed wireless data-transfer between two points, transmitting data through licensed radio frequencies, eliminating the need for fixed lines. Microwave signals are used to connect customers to a point of presence (PoP). These provide high-performance bandwidth speeds that range from 1.5Mbps to 1Gbps. It is used to deal with large data transfer and as a failover for mission-critical connectivity requirements.

Is microwave wireless Internet fast?

Microwave wireless Internet is just as fast as fiber optic cable. Microwave wireless Internet provides high speed data transfer and dependability required for uninterrupted business processes.

Does the weather affect microwave wireless Internet?

Wireless technology can withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, high winds and severe temperatures, both hot and cold.