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Are you looking for a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your business? If that is so, you have come to the right place!

An ISP provides the resources required to enable internet connectivity. Without an ISP, you would not be able to access Facebook, shop online or call that client from abroad using video conference calls. Connecting to the internet entails many background tasks which require specific telecommunications, networking, and routing equipment. ISPs deliver seamless internet access by routing internet traffic, resolving domain names and maintaining the network infrastructure.

While the fundamental purpose of an ISP is to supply access to the internet, many ISPs do much more. Stem Connect provides solutions ranging from cloud connectivity and voice to wireless microwaves and Long-Term Evolution (LTE).

Read on to find more about these solutions and how they can help you plan, build and scale your business.

Can you imagine a day at the office without the internet? In this technologically advanced era, all businesses rely on the internet to communicate internally with employees and externally with customers and partners. Without a stable connection, your entire business can come to a standstill, affecting productivity and revenue.

Selecting the correct infrastructure is crucial when developing your network backbone for optimum application performance. Most businesses require a robust, secure and flexible connection for mission-critical processes to remain productive.

Your ISP should work with you to future-proof your business and ensure your infrastructure can scale to meet future requirements. These are some of the ways in which we can assist your business:

Harness the power of fibre

Our business fibre solutions provide internet connectivity that is faster and more reliable, allowing work to flow seamlessly throughout your business. With speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1000Mbps, you are guaranteed uncapped, unshaped and synchronous fibre with multiple bandwidth packages to choose from.

Supporting IP-based products such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and cloud services, we fully customise your solution according to your business needs, whether you own a small, medium or large enterprise. Our solutions give you the best value for money with the freedom to develop your network as your business grows. We have service-level agreements and support structures for that extra peace of mind.

Thrive in the cloud

Our cloud components such as servers, storage, databases, software and analytics are integrated into a single architecture to support your business operations. We build private cloud networks that can connect all of your offices using technologies such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

This solution offers connectivity to and between applications and workloads across cloud services, on-premises data centres, and edge networks. Our powerful cloud tools platform allows for the management of mobile devices, computers, and the entire network, from a centralised dashboard. With this, your team can share documents, collaborate and work efficiently in a secure online environment.

Enhance communication with voice

We have the technical capabilities to migrate your current telephone system into an IP-based voice solution.
This includes innovative VoIP technologies and a hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system that eliminates the need to invest in software, hardware, training and day-to-day maintenance.

Our ground-breaking voice solutions feature competitive rates, call capturing, voice2teams integrations as well as carrier-grade quality calls. What is more, we specialise in multi-branch deployments. We are thus the perfect choice to streamline your voice traffic system.

Connect using microwave technology

An alternate solution for clients that do not have access to fibre or clients who require a fail-over/backup link. This technology provides a stable and reliable internet solution for businesses in remote or hard-to-reach areas where fixed-line connectivity is not possible.

Our wireless solutions deliver speeds as fast as fibre with no signal interference and low latency. This means you can transfer large amounts of data at high speeds to support your business requirements.

Instant connectivity with LTE

Our LTE solutions are deployed for clients that do not have other connectivity options such as fibre or microwaves. We equip you with the latest hardware, supporting different networks so you always get the best signal possible whether you need a primary, backup, or temporary connection.

We ensure you receive the most out of your LTE connection by providing cloud-based monitoring and reporting tools. These tools provide insights into bandwidth usage, help organise your devices and schedule bulk updates.

By partnering with an experienced ISP provider, you can guarantee your business’s network infrastructure is stable. Stem Connect takes the hassle out of your ISP structure by providing customised connectivity solutions to suit your business needs.

We can help you revolutionise your infrastructure, streamline operations, and simplify your processes, enabling businesses of all sizes to remain robust in today’s changing times. Contact us today to speak to a professional.